The area of old mine and bishop city of Rožňava is an attractive and interesting location, where national treasures come along with scenic nature. Rožňava is an important centre of tourism with number of historical monuments.

Historical landmarks and culture

One of the most interesting landmarks you can find in Rožňava is the largest medieval square of its kind in Slovakia with its dominants like old bishop palace, city hall and renascence guard tower and Františka Andrassy (benefactor of pitiful people) Memorial.The most important monument of the city is a gothic cathedral church of the Virgin Mary Translation from the 14th century.

You can also visit other prestigious sightseeings in close surrounding areas:

  • Beautiful medieval castle Krásna Hôrka with gallery and "art nouveau" styled mausoleum, located in settlement around a castle [8 km]
  • Chateau Betliar with its 700 000 m2 large green park located in Betliar [5 km]
  • Andrassy Tomb Krasnohorske Podhradie [8 km]
  • Lúcka - Medieval church ruins [13 km]
  • Gothic evangelistic church in Štítnik [25 km]
  • Memorable rooms and houses

You have even more opportunities how to spend a day in Rožňava: visit Mining Museum, gallery, movie theatre, City Culture Centre offering one-off and annual events like "Rožňava City Feast" (in February), "Rožňava Fair" in September, "International Festival of Alternative Theatre", "International Dance Cup".

All tickets required for sightseeings and cultular events can be arranged by us in advance with your visit reservations.


City of Rožňava is surrounded by a beautiful scenery of the National Park Slovak Karst, which belongs to the richest botanical area in Central Europe with a large occurrence of an endemic species. Slovak Karst has a huge resources of subterranean water which created over than 700 caves and ravines - many of them are on the UNESCO World Heritage List:

  • Slovenský Kras (Slovak Karst) National Park
  • National park Slovak Paradise
  • Cave Gombasecká
  • Cave Domica
  • Aragonite cave Ochtinská
  • Ice cave Dobšinská
  • Cave Jasovská
  • Cave Silická ladnica
  • Zádielská Tiesnava Karst Canyon
  • Krásnohorská Cave
  • Educational pathways in surrounding area

All caves are located at maximum distance of 30 kilometers from hotel. We offer entry fee and tickets reservations.

Sports activities

City and vicinity offers you many opportunities for summer or winter sporting activities:

  • Touristic pathways in sierras - Slovak Karst, Spiš-Gemer Karst (Slovak Paradise), Volov Mountains and Revucka Higlands.
  • Cycling pathways - 200 km long arterial road loops the whole area of Slovak Karst and passes through every appealing locality.
  • Outdoor pool [300 m]
  • Horse driving in Brzotin [3 km]
  • Tennis courts [300 m]
  • Fitness and Gyms [200 m]
  • Ski resorts - Dobšiná, Rejdová, Vyšná Slaná, Dedinky, Dobšinská Maša, Mlynky, Mlynky - Biele vody [max. 30 km]

For more information about nature beauties and sightseeings visit (Slovak language only).

Hotel location

Hotel is located in the centre of Rožňava, near historical square, which is known as a biggest squared plaza in Slovakia. Thanks to its situation, it allows visitors to comfortably access shopping plaza and nearby sightseeings.


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